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Are you a Health Professional working with patients?

Let’s face it. People are getting sicker and their cases are becoming consistently more complicated. I know! I have seen it evolve fast just over the past decade since I have been working as a Functional Medicine Chiropractic Physician. It’s not as easy as just saying “Eat gluten free, dairy free” anymore. There are layers upon layers of malfunctioning physiology that are tricky to know which layer to start uncovering first.


I can be of service to you in a few ways:


Clinical Consult


Let me brainstorm with you on your complicated cases. I’ll give you insight to how I would start thinking about and prioritizing patient care such as which tests should be done first, which diets would be a complementary fit, which products I would favor and answer any questions you may have in terms of clinical care. Do I know everything? No. But I can brainstorm and coach you to devise a plan of action and when it would be appropriate for referral to another specialist. No matter if you are a health coach, fellow physician, acupuncturist, etc., as long as you are certified/licensed in your field of care, I am available.

Send an email over to our office to discuss our process & fees and all the other details: [email protected] 




If you have exhausted your level of experiential care with your client and need to pass the baton to someone else, I can run with it. Have your patient schedule a case review consult with me, and send me any labs you have with key findings. Our goal is to get the patient better and find the best avenue fit for care, no matter how big our pride is. If a new patient contacts you with key symptoms and diagnoses that you do not feel comfortable working with or are not your passion and seem to align with mine, I would be happy to extend a case review consult. *Same fees apply to any new patient.

Contact our office to have us mail you some business cards or just send your patient to our website.




You want to maintain current care with your client whether it’s for structural chiropractic, primary care medicine, functional medicine, midwifery, nutrition coaching, psychiatry etc., but you need my expertise alongside your patients’ care. Sure! I co-treat with other providers, even other functional medicine doctors, but I am able to lend an extra level of knowledge especially in the area of genetics, MTHFR, histamine intolerance, and others. My goal is to help heal the patient, definitely not steal the patient. Collaboration is key. *Same fees apply to any new patient.


Become your Doctor


Are you looking for a doctor for yourself or your family? Perhaps you have some health conditions you are suffering from and feel like I can give you that extra knowledge needed. I am your gal.  I have worked with many colleagues with great results and I humbly get called “the doctors’ doctor.” Wondering how to proceed? You are just as special as any new patient to me so please continue thru the website and start by scheduling a case review to consult. Same fees apply to any new patient. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions.

Please check out my CV HERE.

What my patients are saying…

Although I had a great educational base from Logan University and my undergraduate work at Saint Louis University, I wanted to be sure I saw someone that had a deep understanding of functional medicine and MTHFR. Dr. Emily gathered information about recent genetic testing I had done, along with my symptoms and medical history, and decided on some key lab work that I should have done. We then agreed on diet changes, supplementation, and an overall plan to gain optimal health.  Not only did I notice significant improvements in long-term symptoms I had been having, but I am very excited to welcome my first baby, a girl, in the spring of 2019. I am so happy to know I did all I could to give her the most healthy start to life! Thank you, Dr. Emily!


Dr. Kristina Ruddle

DC, CACCP, Healthcare Complete, St. Louis, MO

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