3 Mistakes Women Make That Prevents Them From Shedding Weight

Get In Shape 10-Week Group Program

Shed Unwanted Fat & Get Your Confidence Back

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Emily Hecker
Emily Hecker
Enlighten Functional Medicine

Does this Describe You?

  • You are tired of having fluctuating weight patterns
  • You want to commit to finding the final solution for weight management
  • You want to be comfortable in your skin
  • You need a structured program to follow to get you back on track
  • You need to kick start your weight loss momentum
  • You like to understand science and the “why” behind you do things

If you said YES to any of these, my 10-Week Virtual Group Program is a perfect fit for you!

How I Help Patients With Shedding Unwanted Fat:

  • 10-Week Group Program: Virtual Group program will walk you through, step-by-step to your success.
  • Science-Rich Weekly Modules: Fasting, Keto, Emotional & Intuitive Eating, Mental health, Immune health, Mindfulness, Exercise, Meal Planning. Access to 20-60min videos to watch over the weekend.
  • 1-on-1 30min. Onboarding Appt with Dr. Emily Hecker needed to arrive at a precise diagnosis, so you don't have to guess as to how to treat your digestive distress
  • Ten Virtual Group Visits: This is where the magic happens. Meet once per week with Coach Amy Welker for 45min group networking & accountability. Being present to these groups is vital to your success.
  • Weekend Check-ins: Complete personal urinalysis and digital forms for Dr. Emily to review prior to Group Visits.
  • Access to Delicious Recipes & Cookbook: Amazing resource for many easy, delicious and life-changing recipes.
  • Invitation to My Private Community Chat: An excellent way to give and receive support in between weekly learning sessions.
  • High Quality Handouts: Downloadables to use to help navigate your healing journey.
  • Program Guidebook: Using the Shape Reclaimed Nutrition Program.
    www.shapereclaimedpatients.com. The 30+ page guidebook will give you all the information about the nutritional approach.
  • Supplements for Success: Products that pave the way for success. Some Included & Some Optional to be purchased separately.
  • Bonus Tools for Success: Measuring Tape, Magnet, Salt, Urinalysis Strip

Born in the midwest, her passion for natural health care started when her aviation career resulted in prolonged hours of sitting, leading to chronic back pain in addition to a violent, unexpected reaction to the flu shot.

This turning point propelled her into digging into the “why” behind achieving optimal health, not just accepting ordinary health.

She detoured her career as a pilot and meteorologist into functional medicine and chiropractic after she obtained her MBA.

Founding the functional medicine club as a student at Logan University in St. Louis over 10 years ago, she is now on faculty at Logan teaching students principles of operating a successful functional medicine practice.

Week 1: Prep & Low Carb!

Welcome to Get In Shape 10- Week Transformation Program. This Module will review what this whole transformation program is all about.

Week 2: Fasting Mimicking

An introduction to some concepts, and science behind fasting. Why Shape Reclaimed is a fasting mimicking approach and some insight on what to expect as a woman or man while fasting.

Week 3: Mental Health & Fasting

From the genetics of anxiety to some fun ways to incorporate brain health support, enjoy this 3rd Module of fasting & mental health. I address 5 key points you should be aware of.

Week 4: Fasting & Immune System

Sit back and get ready to change the way you think about enhancing your immune system. I will touch on God's mask that he innately gives us and what we can do as we learn from the recent research in mice!

Week 5: Keto

Learn how you can avoid excessive hunger, how to pair food so you trick your brain to not overeat and finish up this 20min video with a fun quiz so on hormones and food choices!

Week 6: Meal Planning

Leave this week ARMED with some resources and ideas to BETTER MEAL PLAN! Learn top secrets from a chef for shape on what she does, and check out my weekly meal planner worksheet you can start using to plan so you are not caught in a spot to make bad choices for yourself and family. I walk you thru my method, step-by-step.

Week 7: Exercise

Enjoy this week as I pick my top 3 reasons to exercise that DO NOT include weight loss. I think you will be happy to see how I broke it down and DO NOT miss this amazing interview on exercise on how to use a "SPECIFIC" exercise for anxiety management.

Week 8: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a skillset we all should be receptive and open to. It helps us make better decisions with food and with relationships with others. You will enjoy this week with Functional Medicine Health Coach, Amy Hadden! Come to the group visit with one strategy you will be implementing!

Week 9: Intuitive Eating

Let's dig into what Intuitive Eating actually is as you are preparing to part from the flock in two weeks! My job is to arm you with tools to make you MORE SUCCESSFUL than when you came into the program 9 weeks ago. You have an activity to do this next week and a FUN GAME to play, and its super easy and fun to bring attention to your senses with appreciating food.

Week 10: Emotional Eating

Here it is. Week 10! You have DONE IT! Review how far you have come in 10 weeks. From how you handled relationships with your family, relationships with food, your non-scale victories, how you meal prep and plan, and what you actually LIKE ABOUT IT.

There have been tough days. I know.

Celebrate your wins!