Does your doctor…

  • Know how to analyze the methylation, histamine, and detox pathways and apply them to your health story?
  • Use specialty labs to measure the enzymatic function of your MTHFR gene, genetic and biomechanical pathways?
  • Believe that modifying your epigenetics can improve your genetic potential?

Over 40% of the population has an MTHFR polymorphism and in some cases result in a 70% decrease in function of that enzyme! 1…but does that mean that you are genetically doomed? Absolutely not. I approach working with MTHFR from a big-picture view of making sure your environment, stress, food choices, pathogen load, toxic exposure, and nutrient absorption are working their best! Because if all of those are not working in harmony, do you think your body will be working efficiently? I can help you change that.

“I know the tools to use to get your body working it’s best.”

Top 5 Diet Changes if Your Child

(Or You) Has MTHFR

Are you “kinda freaked out” because you just found out you or your child has MTHFR? Not sure what to do? Maybe you’ve tried high dose vitamins when googling “MTHFR” and had a bad response to some of the nutrients suggested? I get it. I started my practice recommending high dose vitamins for this genetic abnormality and realized quickly it was the wrong way to go. I created this top 5 list for you, to cover the basics of changes to make in your diet. It’s not overwhelming, but actionable.

Simple things you can do to make sure you and your child are helping to open the gate for MTHFR metabolism.

What does Dr. Ben Lynch think of Dr. Emily Hecker?

Do you know how digestion impacts MTHFR?

Learn 4 key digestive strategies with me to optimize your digestion if you have MTHFR. Watch Methylation & Digestion: Optimizing one bite at a time.

Want to overlay your genetics on the biochemical pathways? Use raw DNA data from 23andme or to upload in Strategene.

Need help connecting your story to this report? Schedule a consult.

What my patients are saying…

Dr. Emily was the long-awaited answer to my prayers…I was bloated, depressed, inflamed, and anxiety was at an all-time high. There were no doctors in the STL area who had answers to assist with my recent MTHFR diagnosis. I have already lost over 20 lbs & she has provided me the support, tools, and encouragement to stay focused on my path to success.


After 2 early miscarriages, I was diagnosed with an MTHFR mutation & referred to Dr. Emily for supplemental care. She is so kind, knowledgeable & enthusiastic about health! I am happy to say that with her guidance & support we are proud parents of a perfect 5-week old baby girl!


Some of the top doctors in St. Louis refer their patients to Dr. Hecker when they get stuck or want additional insight into complicated issues. If you are looking for warmth and impeccable knowledge, you have found a great doc!


Ashley Nanney


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