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Should Your Whole Family Go Gluten-Free?

When you’re getting ready to make big changes, you need to think about the how your family will be affected, right?

This is certainly the case when it comes to going gluten-free.

You might ask yourself some questions. Should everyone go gluten free? Or would that be too much?

Eliminating gluten means eliminating all products that contain rye, barley, or wheat. That usually includes bread, cereals, crackers, cookies, and other baked treats.

Luckily, since a lot of people are now turning to gluten-free diets so there are alternatives available.

And though it may seem like more work initially and there may be some pushback from some members of the family, it’s actually much easier to transition the whole family than it would be to try to just have one or two people in the household give up gluten.

When everyone’s on the same diet it can be easier to shop and plan meals.

You may wonder if it’s harmful to your children to eliminate gluten from their diet. In general, it’s not harmful at all. In fact, what it will do is eliminate a lot of the processed foods from their diet that aren’t good for them anyway.

Foods that tend to be high in gluten are also usually high in sugar, fat, and artificial colors and preservatives. When you eliminate gluten you often eliminate mostly these types of foods. And there’s still plenty of variety for you and your family to get a healthy diet.

Instead of serving processed foods, you’ll do more cooking from scratch and eat more fruits and vegetables. Today, you can also find gluten-free bread and other treats to substitute for the wheat varieties, so you can still enjoy sandwiches, toast, cakes, and cookies.

You’ll also need to look out for gluten in places you might not expect it. For example, it can turn up in salad dressings, condiments, and even in lunch meats. So when you’re transitioning your family to gluten-free, make sure to carefully check labels.

If you have an allergy to gluten, it’s important to completely eliminate it. You don’t want any trace of it to get into your system and wreak havoc on your health. But if you don’t have an allergy, you can gradually transition your family gently. Begin by eliminating one product at a time and replacing it with a substitution.

You also need to be aware that even if your home is gluten-free, other homes aren’t. If your child attends birthday parties or other events, there may not be gluten-free options for them.

You’ll have to decide if you’ll allow your child to have gluten on occasion or if you want to completely eliminate it. It can make social gatherings difficult, but if you’re prepared, transitioning your family to a gluten-free diet can be both enjoyable and beneficial.

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