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Do you want to help more patients without working more hours?

Do you want to continue delivering your quality of healthcare without having to hire more staff?

Are you having a hard time visualizing how you can provide personalized medicine in a group program?

Make your group programs personalized with a community of support! Join Dr. Emily Hecker as she reveals the concepts that she has personally mastered on her way to creating successful group programs in her functional medicine practice. From beginning to end, learn specific tools and steps you can start implementing next week in your practice as you turn your standard 1-on-1 clinical setting into the practice of your dreams.

Are you a weekend DIYer?

Need to bounce some ideas around?


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Hi! I’m Emily. I may look like a suburban hockey mom that decorates with shiplap and bakes gluten free brownies. (All those things are true.)

But, I’m a rebel. I have always pushed the boundaries when people tell me I need to stay in a box.

When my parents told me I couldn’t take the purple Saturn down to college, I rebuilt a 1981 Kawasaki motorcycle, instead.

While my friends worked at The Gap, I was refueling jet aircraft.

I was the only female pilot in my meteorology class hired to build storm chasing cars for the government. My classmates wondered why their straight “A” GPAs were overlooked. I was not a straight A student, but I worked hard and showed enthusiasm to tackle new things.

Post graduate, I was seen as the black sheep of my chiropractic class. Instead of practicing the “flying 7”, I was running blood work on anyone that would let me. My adjusting skills were ok, but my diagnostic skills were outstanding.

After 10 years of operating as a single practitioner functional medicine chiropractic physician in the suburbs of St. Louis, I found that I thrive when I teach. I discovered the secret sauce to operating a functional medicine office professionally. Then, successfully migrated from an in-person practice to a virtual practice. My goals are streamlining and efficiency. Time is precious, isn’t it?

I enjoy coaching other practitioners on my methods of group programs, and am on faculty at Logan University to teach my functional medicine processes to student doctors. I frequently speak at the thriving Functional Medicine club at Logan University as the founding member.

Lately, I get to spend more time with my elementary-aged boys and husband because I have pushed the boundaries of normal 1-on-1 clinical healthcare. I dived into group visits, group programs, and group coaching. I am driven to teach, inspire and coach you.

I won the challenge of manipulating time to get where most people dream of.

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