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How powerful is a power nap?

How powerful is a power nap?

Did you know that Insomnia is one of the most common but neglected conditions that doctors miss, impacting 33% of the adult population in certain studies?


Not only that- we may be downplaying the fact that it has long-term serious effects!



In this article, we’ll dig deeper into some sleep solutions specifically why taking power naps is good for you if you suffer from insomnia, and how to do them.


There are many reasons why you’re not sleeping well or experiencing insomnia in the first place. Some of these reasons may be bad time management, screen time, too much caffeine from tea, coffee, soda, or chocolate, or maybe you’re working out too late. Maybe your adrenals are taxed and your cortisol patterns are all skewed. 


When was the last time you had your cortisol patterns checked by a functional medicine doctor, and what was your cortisol awakening response?  Maybe your blood sugar regulation is all whacked out and you’re waking up hungry in the middle of the night, or maybe you’ve had too much sugar in your diet. And with the keto, it typically gets better as you sleep with that. 

As you reduce the sugar. Maybe on medications that are really affecting your sleep, or maybe you have breathing issues and you are on a CPAP, or you need to be on a C-PAP, but you, maybe you have the environment to consider, you have a moldy home. Maybe you’ve gained weight, or maybe you have some structural issues that are affecting your breathing at night. 


There are some reasons you might be dealing with insomnia.


I want to share a story about a patient of mine that used my signature framework program called genius food formula. So Sherry. She was struggling to stay in. She was a young mom, overweight, fatigued all the time, and had insomnia like crazy. I mean, she was up like five to six times a night and it wasn’t from her baby that she just had.


The baby was a little bit older. So after we tapped into what she was eating, when she was eating, and all the nutrients she was missing in her diet. She started sleeping through the night. It was since she lost 40 pounds in two months. Bottom line is, diet matters when it comes to sleep.

Now, we know that for some, the daily juggle between activities does not allow the luxury that is sleeping… What’s a good alternative?…


Power naps

Power naps are a short period of daytime sleep, enough to rejuvenate you when you feel exhausted. Sleeping or even resting for a short while when you feel tired in the middle of the day makes you more patient, reduces stress, increases efficiency, and improves your overall health.


How is it beneficial? 

  • Decrease in blood pressure- this allows you to get a mental break from the day which is extremely important especially for productivity. 
  • Decrease in stress and increase parasympathetic activity which is the calming effect we need. 
  • Getting better blood flow to the brain and your other tissues.


How do you powernap effectively? 

  1. Set a schedule to make it happen. If necessary, plot it in your calendar. 
  2. Activate your parasympathetic nervous system by doing something that relaxes you prior such as sauna, drive rush, or meditation, which you can use online apps for.
  3. Find the right place to nap. Make sure that the room is set for it- relaxing, dark, and comfortable to avoid disruption.
  4. Set a timer. Know how much time you have to really get into that deep relaxation phase.
  5. Document why it’s a value to you to take power naps or power, rests, that way, you understand what you want to achieve from it.

While it is highly encouraged to get 7-9 hours of sleep at night, power naps can help you with a burst of energy to continue with the day’s work, if you hadn’t. Take that much-needed nap! That 15-20 minutes will absolutely change your day!

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