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My Secret To Tolerating Endless Margaritas

As I was digging deeper into understanding methylation, it was time to take a girls trip! Woohoo! It’s been years since I saw my college girlfriends and we were planning our first trip after we had our kids. California bound and hubby’s were left watching the littles.

I was always the one in college who would get so sick the day after a night on the town. Spring break trips?? I was the one in bed the next day –all day long. And if I had a few drinks, by 9 pm I was in for the night, exhausted. I was not a big drinker. Knowing I had an intolerance to alcohol, I wanted to go to LA prepared.

I grabbed my special methylation concoction, as I knew I was going to be stressing my liver and adrenals more than normal. Was this a computer generated recommendation? No. Would this be the magic hangover pill for everyone? No. Was it the answer for everyone with an MTHFR polymorphism? No.

It was to supplement my current metabolic load with known stressors I knew I was going to be doing. (Staying up late, drinking alcohol and probably being exposed to gluten/dairy)

I started my methylation concoction every day, 3x/day the 4 days I was there. I was there to have fun, have some drinks and enjoy the sunshine with my close college girlfriends. I found my journey began the first day I was there and was repeatedly asking my friends and waitress’ “Is there any alcohol in this?”


Day 1: Mixed drink, Margarita!  I felt nothing. ??

Day 2: Margarita. MARGARITA! MOJITO! MARGARITA! I can’t feel a thing! I am wasting my money. However, I am processing my alcohol AMAZINGLY.

Day 3: Wine, Margarita, Moscow Mule. nothing.

Day 4: Two Margaritas & FINALLY a small buzz, after I stopped my methylation concoction.


  • I never had a hangover
  • I never got exhausted staying up late (when I should be jet-lagged)
  • I rarely experienced any sign of a “buzz” no matter how much I consumed

I came prepared to support my body but I left $150 poorer and with an amazing knowledge of my body. It’s a good trade-off and I will take the loss for the larger gain in noticeable signs of processing alcohol better.

The magical concoction supported phase 1 & phase 2 liver detoxification, pushed the transsulfuration pathway, broke down exogenous histamine intake, and turned the crank between my methylation/methionine cycle.

It was a beautiful discovery. Confirming my personal journey to produce a larger tolerance to alcohol but importantly learning that with some basic nutrients, we as humans, with the right knowledge can do things to make a large impact on our health.

  • Adeno B12 (Vitamin B12 in the form of Adenosylcobalamin)
  • Molybdenum (A mineral needed to help push sulfur pathways)
  • Histamine Block (DAO Enzyme)
  • GlutenFlam (Break down exposure to Gluten & Casein)
  • Magnesium (Help phase 2 Liver detox, stimulate peristalsis in GI tract, relax muscles and precursor for neurotransmitter production)

**Disclaimer** This protocol may NOT be the right protocol for YOU, especially when you have a history of reacting to methylated B12. Please work with an experienced functional medicine practitioner to find the best protocol based on YOUR needs.

If you have MTHFR and are wondering why I didn’t support myself with folate, or L-5MTHF you have to understand that is NOT the best way to start with many people. I personally react with this depending on my needs in specific situations. Please see my blog on “Why am I reacting to Folate when I have MTHFR?” I also reiterate, please work with an experienced functional medicine practitioner to find the best protocol based on YOUR needs.

This story is not a promotion to drink more alcohol, but to expand on the use for supplementation. Once you are armed with knowledge on how your body responds to additional nutrients, you can help CONTROL the outcome of your choices and experiences. Stressed? Support with your personalized nutrients. Spring/Fall allergies bugging you? Support with the right thing and see if you can actually keep your mast cells from exploding and releasing histamine in the first place.

I have told this story of my personal journey to many of my patients and I have finally documented it. If you need help figuring out your personalized protocol and are looking for a functional medicine practitioner, I would be happy to set up an interview. Give us a call or text! 636-978-0970

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