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Simple Ways To De-Stress In Our Busy World

Simple Ways To De-Stress In Our Busy World

We all know that feeling. The one where we’re constantly running around and juggling too many things at once. We’re stressed out and our minds are constantly going a mile a minute. 

It can be tough to find ways to de-stress in our busy world. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! 


Below are some simple ways to relax and de-stress, no matter how busy you are. Trust me, these tricks will help you feel more relaxed and Zen in no time!

Stress Is An Invisible Ninja. 

We know it’s there doing damage, but you really can’t see it. Maybe it’s a myth?   


Spoiler alert: It’s not a myth. It’s real. 


And it starts with an overabundance of too much excitatory stimulation. 

You know that feeling when you look in the rearview mirror and the lights are flashing for you to pull over. Yeah. That adrenaline spike is supposed to happen occasionally for us as humans, however, we live in a world where it’s happening way too much. 

Which is an unhealthy and unnatural way to live.


This is what happens. The hormone cortisol gets released from the adrenal glands that are sitting on top of the kidneys. Cortisol thins the lining of the tissues of the body, and specifically, it erodes the digestive tract of that protective wall.

When that wall has been breached, the function of those cells deteriorates. The integrity of the cell wall breaks down and intestinal permeability or leaky gut starts to slowly affect our immune system. And it increases our reactions to foods like gluten and dairy.


How do you know if stress is literally tearing apart your body?

In my practice, I use functional tests like the cortisol awakening response test that uses dried urine. The test measures your appropriate circadian rhythm immediately upon waking and again, 30 and 60 minutes after waking to make sure that your stress response is not dulled or overstimulated. And then I use lifestyle suggestions, herbs, and nutraceuticals to rebalance the body naturally.

When working with a functional medicine doctor and you need to implement three simple ways to destress in this world, use these three steps.


Number One

Schedule it. Get your calendar out, find a way to put something in there. So it’s going to happen. 


Number Two

We do it. We need to make sure that you’re doing that thing. 


Number Three

We repeat it.  We repeat it. 

Make sense? Schedule it, do it, repeat it. But you may be thinking like, what’s “IT”?   “IT”, is different for each person.  We need to discover your “IT”.   


Here is a fun exercise for you to do. 


Answer these two questions to help you find your “It”.

In regards to de-stressing… 

  • What makes you feel happy? Think about it, write it down. 
  • What makes your body feel energized? 
  • What makes your mind feel energized?

What are those things? Write those things down. Answers to these questions will help you find your “It” that you need to schedule, do, and repeat.


Here’s some examples:

  • Healthy food
  • Supplementation
  • Deep Mindful Breathing
  • Exercise
  • Sleeping. 
  • Bath (no chocolate and wine though!), 
  • A sauna, 
  • Book reading. 
  • Maybe it’s a Bible time. 
  • Maybe it’s family time or vacation time. 

My de-stressors change with time and that’s okay for them to change. 


Currently, I love yoga in the evening. I love hydration with ample minerals and electrolytes in there, and heat. Like I really respond well with heat. That calms me down. In winter that looks like a sauna before bedtime and in the summertime, it’s basking in the sun by relaxing by a pool or on a beach. 

Really by a pool. I mean, I’m in the Midwest. There’s no beach by me right now.

II would love to hear what your top de-stressors are. What is your “It”. 

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Be a light to the world. Love others, and invest in yourself.

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