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How To Attack Anxiety And Depression Naturally

Many who suffer from anxiety and depression take medication to relieve their pain. Doctors may prescribe antidepressants, tranquilizers and sleeping tablets for your condition. But there are healthier alternatives that can be used in attacking anxiety and depression. Exercise is extremely important for many reasons, but even more so if you suffer from emotional stress.

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A Guide To Alcoholic Drinks For The Gluten-Free Dieter

When you’re eliminating gluten, it’s important to consider which alcoholic drinks you will incorporate into your diet. You may not have considered how much gluten there is in alcohol yet, but it can really affect your exposure to gluten. Any beverages made from wheat, barley, or rye contain gluten, as do malted alcoholic beverages made

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How Stress Affects Your Body And Immune System

Stress is a normal part of modern daily life, but most people are not aware of the negative consequences stress can have on their health—until it is too late. Some people are able to cope with stress better than others, while others take practical steps to reduce their stress each day to diminish the wear

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Should Your Whole Family Go Gluten-Free?

When you’re getting ready to make big changes, you need to think about the how your family will be affected, right? This is certainly the case when it comes to going gluten-free. You might ask yourself some questions. Should everyone go gluten free? Or would that be too much? Eliminating gluten means eliminating all products

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Dr. Emily’s AI Keto Transformation

Dr. Emily and Deanna made a trip down to Farmington Mo to talk to a packed group of motivated women who were ready to make changes in their lives. She was invited to speak about Functional Medicine and how food impacts our bodies. The ladies and friends of the First Baptist Church of Farmington Women’s

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I have MTHFR, Now Where Do I Start?

Well, do you have it? You know, the most popular genetic word that is searched by thousands of people daily. Do you have MTHFR? MTHFR is a very important gene (an enzyme) in the body that everyone has, necessary for an important metabolic process called methylation. When one has a gene variation, also known as

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Sage Shepherd’s Pie

Chilly winter days can mean deep cravings for hearty comfort foods that fill your belly and warm your soul. Traditional shepherd’s pie (a wondrously baked meat-potato-veggie combo) certainly fits the bill. However, if you’re like me, it’s a big no-no. The nightshades, dairy, eggs and other ingredients in the traditional dish gives me achy muscles

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How I changed my Health, Lost 25lbs and 25 inches!

My health stems not only from bad eating, but a difficult past as well. I was involved in three major car accidents, extended hospital stays and surgeries. I lost my sister to cancer and my best friend in one of my car accidents. I had fertility problems, an ectopic pregnancy and lost a child when

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My Secret To Tolerating Endless Margaritas

As I was digging deeper into understanding methylation, it was time to take a girls trip! Woohoo! It’s been years since I saw my college girlfriends and we were planning our first trip after we had our kids. California bound and hubby’s were left watching the littles. I was always the one in college who

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