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Balancing Pandemic, Kids & Self-Care: Finding Calm in the Chaos

By Amy Hadden, FMCHC When you first envisioned the 2020 new year, pandemic probably wasn’t on your radar. However, the effects of COVID-19 are real, they’re heavy and they’re close to home. All aspects of life are influenced by the overwhelming uncertainty each day brings.  Where do you find your sense of balance, health and

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Food Sensitivities & Autoimmunity: Do Elimination Diets Help?

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at⸺especially food allergies. Bob eats a peanut; Bob can’t breathe. But, what about food sensitivities? Find out the difference between a food allergy and other food reactions. Plus, discover how an elimination diet may help chronic symptoms and autoimmune diseases, as well. Food is Medicine or Poison Food is fuel,

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Is fasting the fountain of youth?

For the past year and a half, Keith Taylor and his wife have adopted a lifestyle that includes fasting on a regular basis. “For six days per week we don’t eat until around 5 pm, but eat as much as we want and whatever we want from 5 pm until we go to bed. It

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How to Reset Your Thyroid to Burn Fat and Activate Your Metabolism

Erika Schwartz, MD, was consulted for a medical advice by an elderly man with serious health issues. Namely, she examined the medications and treatments he was subjected to, and decided to consult his cardiologist whether he would agree to completely change his therapy. Namely, the man suffered from excess weight, low testosterone and thyroid levels,

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Holidays & Special Diets: 5 Ways to Keep the Season Jolly

Joy is in the air, along with the scent of holiday baking. For those on special diets, thoughts of traditional holiday fare can pile on worry and frustration. Concerned that your gluten-free, keto or other special diet means a bah humbug holiday? Learn these 5 ways to keep the jolly in your celebration, regardless of

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10 Hormones Responsible For Weight Gain In Women

No one can say that weight gain can be put down to just diet or exercise plan. In fact, often weight gain can be partly blamed on your hormones. Did you know that stubborn fat can be harder to lose if your hormones aren’t in balance? So it’s a great idea to get all your

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Eating for Fertility: Proteins, Carbs and Fat Matter

What should you be eating to boost fertility? Could going low carb mean a higher rate of conception?  You are what you eat, and so is your baby-to-be. Long before trying for that magical positive pregnancy test moment, a dietary intervention might be in order. Use these 5 nutrition tips to increase your fertility, naturally. Why

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When Gluten-Free is Worse for You

Are gluten-free diets healthy? It depends. While gluten-free diets are sometimes dubbed as just another crazy fad there are those that benefit from removing gluten.  However, just because you decide to go gluten-free does not mean you’re going to necessarily reap mounds of benefits. Education and execution are key. There are times a gluten-free diet

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